Greek Revival Architectural Style, 1825-1865

Rockton Township has a large concentration of Greek Revival buildings, making our community unique in the Midwest. In the Village of Rockton, there are approximately 106 Greek Revival structures still in existence.

  • Greek Revival – 90
  • Greek/Gothic Revival – 5
  • Greek Revival/Italianate – 11

These are sturdy structures, made with locally quarried limestone and old growth wood by the pioneers to this area. Rockton has examples of limestone block, brick, grout and frame Greek Revival structures. The foundations are limestone.

The elements of the Greek Revival style are:

  • Low pitch roof
  • Heavy cornice with frieze and architrave
  • Symmetrical windows and door placement
  • Front porch
  • Small paned windows
  • Small frieze band windows if the structure has a half story
  • Interrupted pediment if the structure has a half story
  • Lintel stones above the windows and doors if the structure is masonry
  • A narrow line of transom windows and sidelights around the front door of more elaborate buildings

Rockton Greek Revivals include several roof and gable variations. Gable front is the most common style followed by hip-roof. Parapet and side gable are less common.

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