Carr’s History of Rockton

In 1898 Edson I. Carr, then Editor of the Rockton Herald newspaper, published Carr’s History of Rockton.  Mr. Carr wrote in the introduction that while the book took much time and some expense, it had been “more a labor of love than from any pecuniary benefit the author may derive from the sale of the book”.

In that same spirit, the historical society has raised funds to re-print Carr’s History.  Previous printings are sold out and requests continue to come to us from people looking for information on their families or those interested in the early life of the village.

The new printing is available through the Historical Society or at the Talcott Free Library in Rockton for $15.00.  If you need to have the book mailed, there is an additional charge of $5.00 for packaging and postage.